Footage from Serenity world premiere

Enjoy! Encoded in MP4, so play in QuickTime Player.

WARNING: THE Q&A footage contains major, MAJOR spoilers.

Due to excessive bandwidth usage, the links have been switched over to a backup site.

  • Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin arrive on the Red Carpet for signing
  • Joss Whedon and Sean Maher on the Red Carpet.
  • Sean Maher and Jewel Staite signing autographs.
  • Gina Torres signing autographs
  • Post-movie Question and Answer session, part one.
  • Post-movie Question and Answer session, part two.
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    • jess

      great videos but anyone noticed that after Jewel Staite sign an autograph, the guy said “thanks summer”

    • Chris

      Heat of the moment, I’m sure. I tell you, it was pretty hectic for those 10 minutes the cast were outside. ;)

    • Lisa

      Thanks so much for sharing those videos. Looks like it was a really great experience and I’m beyond jealous. The entire cast looked great.

    • Girlie

      Arrgh. Quicktime is not on my computer here at work, and I have no admin access to load it!
      And my home has dial up.


      Oh. Wait…can I just burn it. How does that work?

    • Chris

      Just burn a data disc with those files on it? :P

    • Shakespeare

      Thanks for posting the footage. For those who couldn’t make it to the world premiere, this is terrific :)

    • James

      Great footage. I love the girly giggles as Adam and Nathan sign stuff.

    • Chris

      The links above will be changed to new mirrors shortly. Browncoats are crashing yet another site – mine. First the Edinburgh Film Festival, now Sci-Fi Heaven. :)

      Thanks to, who will provide the backup hosting.

    • JP

      Thanks for this. Was there a huge crowd? It looks like it.

      Keep flying!

    • Di

      Thanks for the videos – love watching the dance of joy!
      Any chance of a transcript of the Q&A session?

    • maggie

      Argh! Great to see, but could not understand one word in twenty of the Q and A! Anyone have a transcript? I couldn’t really see anyone enough to recognize either, but heck, I know what they look like! What did they say????