While the space agency NASA is still searching for life on the planet Mars, NASA may may have put it there already.
The British newspaper The Sunday Times reports a bacteria from Earth might have escaped to Mars.

NASA believes the two rover spacecrafts Spirit and Opportunity, scuttling across the red planet, are carrying a bacterium from Earth.

The bacteria, bacillus safensis, were found in a chamber in California that had been used to test the rovers. Officials believe it is likely some of the microbes, possibly from scientists’ skin, were on board when the mission left.

The spacecraft Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars in 2003, one of the key tasks was to look for signs of life on the planet.

The contamination, if proved, could raise concerns at possible breaches of a United Nations treaty to stop other planets being polluted from Earth.

According to the Times, the bacteria could have survived the space travel, the landing on Mars and the planet’s climate, which is around -60 degrees Celsius.