Tom Hanks to appear in next Star Trek movie?

Rumours have been dropped into the Sci-Fi Heaven news box today of a possible Tom Hanks appearance in the next Star Trek movie. According to our source, should Erik Jendresen’s script be chosen for production (Paramount executives are rumoured to still be analysing the script), Tom Hanks has been penned in as a possible star.

Tom Hanks, one of the movie industry’s most desired talents, previously worked with Erik Jendresen in writing a teleplay for the hit mini-series Band of Brothers.

The move would be a dramatic one for “Star Trek XI – The Beginning” and feature perhaps the biggest name to move into the franchise since Patrick Stewart took on the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Please note that Sci-Fi cannot confirm any of the statements contained herein, and that until confirmed by an official source, all information is to be treated as a rumour.

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  • Worf

    I heard about this … Hanks is mysteriously transformed from an eight year old boy into a 30 year old man. By Klingons. With dilithium crystals.

  • Eluria

    Tom Hanks ?

    Thé Tom Hanks ?!?

    For Star Trek XI ??? Holy moley, sounds like a great idea. He’s apparently a fan and almost appeared in Star Trek – First Contact.

    Maybe, just maybe he & a good script can pull it off and “save” Trek…

  • Meh

    This sounds like a bunch of hog wash but if it did happen it would be a great boon for the Trek world. My money says there is no way Hanks is going to lower him self to doing this.

  • FilmBuddy

    Would be great if Tom Hanks was in the film. It’s about time Star Trek attracted big movie stars to the franchise.

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  • Red Machine D

    Tom Hanks? Can’t be as bad as Whoopi Goldberg or Malcolm McDowell. I say “good”.

  • abi

    oh, come on. not IN the film, please. exec producer, yeah. driving force? sure. but as captain? eek.

  • Kennt Beckula

    How could they say He’s the biggest name to enter the franchise since Patrick Stewart? Hello? Does anyone remember the dynamic screen presence and bigger than life star power of Robert Piccardo?

    But seriously, this is the only way they’ll be moderately successful with another Trek movie, now that all viable Television sources have been exhausted (Voyager, while moderately successful, has been gone too long for anyone to truly embrace it in movie form, and Enterprise, while a novel concept, would require Scott Bakula to carry the big screen, which won’t work. Don’t even get me started on Deep Space Nine.) It was my belief that they would let the franchise die a dignified death with Nemesis, and just let Trek fans be happy with the eight worthwhile films that came out of it (The Final Frontier and the ninth one (what was it called, Infection? Insulation? Inserration? Draft Selection? ) were, to quote Christina Appelgate as Veronica Corningstone, “Pure, Grade A, BALONEY!”)

    But if Hanks is going to be in it, I’d love to see the movie franchise return to its beginnings: intelligent sci-fi with some feeling, not the schlock camp that came around the middle of the series. I think The Motion picture and Nemesis were both intelligent and had a great hook to them. Let’s see Hanks play an intelligent confident Captain with a brain buster of a cosmic problem in front of him, not some pandering explosion laden joke machine.

  • Jon

    Talking, why not? Signed, no way.

  • mikkel

    Whatever Tom Hank does it’s good. He’s the best. Just love Forrest Gump and Appollo 13. Great movies.

  • snakespeare

    Hanks a trekker? I’m not surprised. He can also quote Monty Python skits at the drop of a hat. He’s one of “us” and he belongs in the captain’s chair.

    But I’m distressed at the persistence of the “prequel” idea. This proposal isn’t for Star Trek XI, it’s for Star Trek negative one. It was difficult enough to tolerate all the alterations to the timeline (and new species who were not ever in chronologically later shows) with Enterprise. Fleshing out the Andorians and Orions was great, but the rest of the stuff just made the pre-TOS timeline MORE confusing.

    If we’re going to get a Star Trek movie that is not tied to any Trek TV series, why can’t it be tied to one of the novels series, like Corps of Engineers or Titan?

  • HiTekRedNek

    I don’t think there will ever be another ST series or movie. The ST “Purist” have had to bitch so much that the potential money-makers are too shy to risk something that the “purists” will not like. Sure Enterprise had its faults, but I thought the stories were entertaining. But the “purists” had to show their collective asses and not support the show therefore it was canceled. Hope all the “purists” are happy that Enterprise was probably the last hope for a struggling franchise. As far as I am concerned, I wish Star Trek to “Live Long and Prosper,” and the purists to support and complain rather than have “hissy fits” because a theme song may not be “traditional” or the “SCARED TIME LINE” is corrupted!

  • Red Machine D

    Rednek is right. The purists have guaranteed that trek is dead. Thanks.

  • Runey

    Quite frankly I think Paramount have had enough of the ‘purist’ trekky… I’m a LONG term trekky fan, but never considered myself a ‘purist’… Who cares if they change the rules a bit as they go along, provided the stories stick to the ‘ideals’ of Star Trek… Paramount have made no secret of their desire to get rid of the old TV Star Trek fans and use new people AND new stories… Using someone like Tom Hanks would ensure that they could still make money from non-trekkies and stuff the ‘purists’… Personally I hope they do it and start a new era of Star Trek fans… The olds ones are stuck in the past where everything was better in the good old days and all this new fan-dangled stuff is awfull… Sounds like anybodies Grand-Pa? Star Trek is dead, long live Star Trek

  • Iona

    I would love to see another and another movie. Let Tom do the move. Star Trek will never die as long as the 60′s generation remains alive. I don’t plan on dying any to soon. I would love to look forward to any Star Trek move. Hell, it would be better than some of the movies I’ve seen and it would give us something to takl about. I wouldn’t care if it was good or bad Give Tom a chance. Give anyone a chance at making this work.

  • Admiral Doherty

    In my view, the purists didnt kills Star trek, Rick Berman did. He overloaded the market and saturated with ordinary scripts. No wonder everone got tired of it. Nemises was good action movie, but remember the words of Gene Roddenbury, ‘Star Trek is an action adventure soap opera set in space’ Now i know he is obviously referring to the TV show, but of the movies he beleived in ‘Action and Adventure’.Berman has killed it.

    I think Hanks would be a great addition and cement him even further as a versetile actor who is truley one of the greats, however I would prefer to throw all of the writers, producers, Berman – out the door and start over with a new generation of actors, writers, allowing the next generation of children to have thier own versions of Kirk, McCoy, Spock, Picard, Data and Rikker.

    I personally think they should serialise Star Trek New Frontier, but not for another year or two. Let this be the new beginning for our children, and breathe life into our elderly recollections when Sci Fi used to be fantastic. They simply, dont make them like they used (Star Trek Incuded) remeber Bladrunner, The last Star Fighter, The Abyss, Battle Beyond the Stars, these golden jewels of Sci Fi simply arnt replicated anymore, they are replaced with lame scripts and over the top CGI. Come on Paramount, Get real, get Hanks dont Hanks, but either way get real! The fans which you seem to hold in so much contempt deserves far better than what has been dished up.

  • opensourcegeek

    Well Tom Hanks is a huge trekkie. Unfortunately the franchise gradually slid into producing utterly forgettable dreck. I’m starting to think the best (in fact, the only) way to do Trek again is to have a complete reboot. Start from scratch, without any of the established continuity. Strip it to the basic themes. Look at the movies that worked, look at the episodes at the people remember, add 21st century flavor and stir well. Hell, it worked for Battlestar Galactica, which is now producing a top flight series, and Trek was more popular than the original Galactica ever was. Besides, Hanks would make a great Kirk….

  • bigevil

    Im all for this, I really am. But they need to get their heads straightened out first. First they need to put TNG to rest(I hate to say it, but they really ought to, at least I can’t see where it can go after having the last dumb direct to put “Beginning of the end” in the dang caption, what a retarted director…anyways…they really ought to tie up the loose ends, such as B4 now that he has all of Data’s memories taking over for him as Lt. Commander, Riker and Dianna saying farewell, Worf, making it to the rank of first officer or captain of a combat ship(preferably a Difiant class ship), etc, etc

  • whitney

    no tom hanks should not be in one of the Star Trek movie.!!!
    gosh no! he is classic and could no do that to himself!

  • whitney

    no tom hanks should not be in one of the Star Trek movie.!!!
    gosh no! he is classic and could no do that to himself!

  • Buck

    Hey, I think Hanks could do a great job as a Capt, just write him to be his own capt. Open the movie by shooting Berman out of a photon tube and using him for phaser practice (you’d guarantee huge ticket sales to the purists right there) I think that you need to come up with some fantastic new villains, the Klingons have become allies, the romulans have become if not friends, to familiar to really be seen as “the others”. Enterprise took 3 seasons to become watchable, and then got yanked in a monument to stupidity, with the ending sucking like a 3 parsec wide quantum singularity. Trek has always been basically a Western set in Outer Space; to Quote Roddenberry, it was seen as “A wagon train to the stars.”
    Cutting edge technology, fantastic characterization and traditional storylines have made Trek a true classic, and there’s no need for that to change.
    If you’ve run out of characters, well in the animated series they crossed over into Niven’s Known Space universe bringing in the Kzin. Imagine the Ringworld wanted to join the Federation! or imagine a starfleet capt being kidnapped by Kurri to aid in the struggle between them and the Priest Kings of Gor…use your imagination, heck use some of the great novels, just use different characters instead of kirk,Spock,Picard,etc. I think that Sanctuary would make a great movie, or Spartacus (The android race, not Kirk Douglas’s Roman Slave epic) Or how about the Vulcan Academy murders and The IDIC epidemic?
    Take your pick, or mix and match.
    Trek will never die, it’s become almost as entrenched in the American psyche as the Cowboy legends and archtypes.
    And I say, another great Trek film?! Make it so! :-)

  • Adam


    Seriously guys “Tom” i love his work but i dont know, ya think he may be a bit lame , im mean come on its the matrix generation we have to deal with. And why is everyone so human centric , why not have a klingon centric series now that would be a change get some real kick arse action in there , i dont know just trying to think from a different angle , I know one thing…… trek needs to get harder, sexier, cooler and if some hollywood shit head cant think get some ideas and get idea’s from the whole trek universe then they are as sad as i truely think they are.

    Im thinking for captain…. mix ( seven of nine’s stoic nature + looks, with shatners charism and janeways mother guts n luv) then go out and kick some ass…. to a very cool soundtrak (that would be a first) …all aginst a species that looks like nuthin yourve ever seen, i mean i want some really creepy shit here, wasp type , were talking beam in , inject som venim, liquidffy your flesh to feed its young……well its a start……

    Just remember its a big universe out there, they might not be able to hear you scream but they can watch you die…..slowly

    oh yer and dont forget the whole hope for humanity thing going on too yoiu know so we actually have a viision of the future that isnt half as depressing and sick as what it will actualy be like…..

  • Adam

    yes i agree, your insight is amazing

  • Adam

    thank you

  • Adam

    dont mention it!!