In Brief: Hard-hitting, frightening and humbling. A civic duty to watch.

Extended: It may seem an odd film to be reviewing on a predominantly sci-fi website, but An Incovenient Truth is one of the most important movies of the year.

Former US Vice-President Al Gore’s look at one of the most pressing concerns of Planet Earth is perfectly structured, eloquently delivered and packed full of important facts. Never before has one person presented, so competantly, an outline of the damage global warming is causing to our planet.

The entire film is a recorded version of Gore’s Global Warming presentation that he has been delivering across the globe, and now hopes will gain mass exposure via a film and DVD release.

There is no delicate plot line here; no hero; no blockbuster CGI effects – it is a presentation to a group of people by Al Gore. It is overwhelmingly effective. Gore’s choice of imagery is simple yet immensely powerful, and he proves himself to be a capable and talented speaker on the floor.

The message is clear and simple. Things must change before the climate damage becomes irreparable. Gore’s approach leaves the message in no clichéd method, it is harrowing and disturbing.

This is a film that simply must be bought. Widen your perspective on the world and help make a difference – hell, lend the DVD to all your friends if you have to. I did. Hopefully it’ll make a difference.