Poll: Joss Whedon’s Greatest Show


After last night’s rather wonderful episode of Dollhouse, I think it’s fair to say that Joss Whedon’s latest creation is quickly beginning to find its feet and hit its stride.  Let’s just hope that it’s not too late in the big bad world of television execs.

However, has Dollhouse reached the heights of Whedon’s previous, much-adored shows?

Only you can decide, so vote below and decide definitively which is his greatest creation to date.

Make it definitive: which is the greatest Joss Whedon show?

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And if you feel like your opinions just can’t be summed up in a simple vote, feel free to discuss it by leaving a comment.

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  • dominic

    Firefly i think was the bast, pity it go can :(

  • forbetaorworse

    Firefly is far and away the best. I’d say they should bring it back, but since Wash got skewered it just wouldn’t be the same anymore.

  • Chris McQuillan


    You could argue that there’s plenty of stories to tell between Objects In Space and Serenity, solving the Wash issue.

  • David Logan

    Firefly was a great show, should never been canceled! Nathan Fillion was in another show called Drive & I know it isn’t science fiction, but it wasn’t given a fair chance either!

  • alison walsh

    firefly is by far the best

  • Tommy

    Firefly was Whedon’s best?!?!?!? I think not. The weird clash of space and cowboys just didn’t work. I get the bit about them being cowboys in space, but it was taken a little too far here. That being said, I still liked the show, would have loved to see where he was taking it. Buffy was his best show, though Angel is a really close second, a lot more serious than Buffy ever was. What Dollhouse lacks is the humor and the characters all those other shows had in spades. Tell me, where is Spike and some sarcasm when you need him? The only character on Dollhouse with any life at all is goofy Topher.

  • Chris McQuillan

    I agree to an extent Tommy.

    I adore Firefly, always will – I think it pretty much worked perfectly, right from the off.

    With regards to Dollhouse, I think Topher is the only character through which it is possible to even recognise Whedon’s humour, and I think that causes some problems. For one, the light-hearted comic relief of the show pretty much depends on him. I think there should be someone else in the show, somewhere, to explore the witty banter a little more, and create a few more snappy-dialogue relationships akin to his previous shows.

    That said, I think Dollhouse is pretty good – and the dialogue, as so often is the way in Whedon’s work, is extremely natural and well written. Just not quite the same style.

  • Corey

    While Firefly was good, it didn’t have as much time to develop into something as great as Buffy and Angel. Honestly I am kind of torn between Whedon’s first two shows. Both of them are awesome and too hard to compare. My vote is for Angel, since it tends to be the underappreciated out of the two.

  • Casey

    Buffy is more than just a show. It has developed a cult status. It has wound its way into our culture, the way we speak, they way we act. Nothing can beat Whedon’s masterpiece, his first and most memorable show. The show that started all of this debate now.
    Don’t get me wrong, firefly was good. But it only had one season. It just can’t compete with a show with 7 season, and all of the plot and character development made along the way. It wouldn’t be fair to compare them. Which is why my vote is Buffy.

  • Mace

    At the time I’m posting this, I agree with the order of the poll results: Buffy, Firefly, Angel, Dollhouse. I’ve only seen Buffy for the first time in the last year, but it’s so far ahead of the other series (all other series, in the last half century), that even having it in a poll is unfair. Buffy is an epic work, with a depth that can only be glimpsed after multiple viewings. The other series, while quite good, are not in the same category. If you disagree, watch Buffy again (yes, all 100 hours). It is a completely unique and amazing piece of work.

  • Phil

    Buffy is not only Whedon’s best work, it’s the best show ever written, bar none. There were storylines in the show I didn’t like…like Joyce’s death…the Buffy-Spike stuff…the trio….but the way it was written made it just as compelling as any other storyline in the series.

  • Anna Lawrence

    Firefly was sheer brilliance, but give Dollhouse another season and I think we’ll see it eclipsed. Buffy was fun, but the early episodes showed signs of immaturity and the later ones showed signs of strain. Angel just never really fulfilled its potential.

  • Wendy

    I voted Buffy, quite simply because Dollhouse and Firefly never even made it onto Belgian cable. I’m watching them though (don’t sue me, I’ve got the dvd’s ordered :-p)

    I would have gladly voted Dollhouse, but to make that decision based on 11 episodes seems a bit premature. It has the potential, just like Firefly did, lets hope Fox gives it a fair chance.

  • es

    Firefly was far and away the best show on television, ever. A finely crafted masterpiece, the perfect balance between stellar dialogue, ripping action, and characters that you fell in love with. A story that gripped your heart, made all the more tragic for it’s early demise.

    I still get teary-eyed thinking about it’s cancellation, as though a close friend had been killed.

  • amy

    I love BtVS, one of my favourite TV shows ever. ‘Angel’ was okay, but it I can take it or leave it. ‘Firefly’ perplexes me – it has to be one of the most overrated shows I have ever seen. I haven’t watched ‘Dollhouse’ yet.

  • Id

    While I voted for Buffy, I think that Firefly could have been Whedon’s greatest show given that it would last for at least one more full season. It had great potential – the show got rid of Buffyverse’s imperfections (khem, special effects) and the characters were equally brilliant, not to mention great dialogues and very good chances of an interesting plot development.

  • ed

    Using Spike as an example is a bad idea, Tommy considering he didn’t appear in Buffy til Season 2.
    Dollhouse is 11 episodes in – by that time, Buffy was still finding its feet as well…and there was no Spike yet.

  • Nadine

    I had to vote Buffy because, well, 7 stellar seasons.

    Must add that I love Dollhouse, and hope the series gets the chance it deserves.

  • jaz

    i actually love all his shows i worship joss and all his creations he hires the most amazing people i bow down to him! buffys my favourite then angel then dollhouse dr horrible was funny havnt seen much firefly YET his commics are awesome!

  • The Haggard

    I would bet wo de da pee gu that Firefly is the BEST and has potential to still be the best. Those gou su de toe ren at Fox didn’t know what they had!

  • elainecleo

    Buffy was the best series EVER on TV and a show that you not only had to watch and listen to, but see between the lines. Like when Spike showed Buffy the handcuffs and asked her if she trusted him and she said “never”, but later when talking to Tara she was trying to hide the bruises on her wrist, you knew the cuffs had been used. There are things like that all through the show, in fact you have to also watch Angel to get some of them, like William’s poem starts in Buffy and ends with Spike in Angel. I have watched this series many times and every time I find something new. Angel was dark and broody except S5 when Spike came back,but it is just a part of Buffy to me. I did love Firefly and I would have it in 3rd place after Angel. Dollhouse has been very good after the first 5 eps and hope it can make it to a second season.

  • Ken

    Out of all the shows Firefly showed the most potential in its brief Supernova of existence. Buffy was brilliant, and the comics still are. Dollhouse has been getting better and better quicker than Buffy did so I hope it’s not a repeat of Firely’s demise.

  • Faith Hodes

    Buffy and Angel were his best. We need more shows like these. The writing, the stories, it shows great talent and imagination.

  • Darcy McGee

    Firefly is definitely the strongest, most fully developed of the universes.

    Firefly fans, on the other hand, have to get over the fact that Wash is dead. I liked the dude, but he’s dead.

    Of course so is Buffy…oh wait she’s back…oops….dead again!…no…back….Dead!…Fooled you again…

  • Disputatore

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen Dollhouse so I won’t vote. Of the remainder, Firefly, definitely.

  • Cheryl A

    My vote goes to “Buffy” for so many reasons. Buffy is not only the best Whedon show but the best show of all time.

    The casting was amazing, not too many SMG’s out there these days, the chemistry between actors was spot on and the scripts are to die for. Will anything ever compare to seasons two and the Angelus arc?

    Could there ever be a more amazing nemesis for a hero than her sister slayer, Faith?

    Have you ever cared more about a core group of characters in your life? Buffy, Giles, Xander and Willow. Or how about “Angel”, the leads love interest? This show was all about capturing lightening in a bottle and sharing it with the viewing audience.

    Even the villians were special. Angelus. Spike and Dru. The Mayor. The Master. Willow. Glory.

    While I love everything that Joss Whedon does, there will never be anything like Buffy again. Joss and Sarah team up and make magic.

  • Chris McQuillan

    Firefly had a universe that felt so full and complete from the pilot. I think Serenity took place in a kind of watered-down, more simplistic universe for the sake of the audience. The show had a kind of magic about it, though.

  • Cronin

    I believe Buffy was his best show: 7 seasons of extraordinary and deep character development made Buffy the best show ever made.

    Firefly was a great show, a masterpiece even, but it didn’t last enough time to compete with Buffy.

    Angel was flawed but had a great character development. It’s still one of my favorite shows, but Buffy is better.

    And about Dollhouse: I love it right now, it’s different but challenging just the way I like it, and I REALLY hope to see at least a second season!

  • Roshan

    I like them all and would watch them over & over again. Loved the Firefly concept (and Serenity) but it never got it’s chance to get fleshed out. And I love Buffy. But my vote is for Angel. One of the best….ever!

  • RuthenianCowboy

    I voted Firefly — although Buffy and Angel are both oustanding shows as well.

    Have only seen the pilot for Dollhouse, unfortunately (stupid crazy personal life). I’m hoping that once I get a chance to get into it, I’ll like it as much as I like Joss’s other work. Including Dr. Horrible.

  • Redfive

    I LOVE them all. If I had to pick just one; I would pick Firefly but they are all awesome. Love Dr.Horrible too :) I hope we get a season 2 of Dollhouse <3 <3 <3 Nobody writes women like Joss. Just love Joss!!!

  • Olgos

    That’s not the greatest/most flattering picture of Joss I’ve ever seen.

    Oh and I voted Angel, cause you can count on him, because, y’know, he’s the ‘dark avenger’!

  • damo

    Angel is by far the best.especially when spike is in it.

  • Andrew

    Actually Topher has no life. He never leaves the Dollhouse. Didn’t you see the episode where he imprinted his best friend on a doll for his birthday. Also, Topher brings alot of sarcasm to the table.

    I like that Joss doesn’t keep doing the same show over and over. They’re all different with different dynamics among the characters.

  • Andrew

    Actually Topher has no life. He never leaves the Dollhouse. Didn’t you see the episode where he imprinted his best friend on a doll for his birthday? Also, Topher brings alot of sarcasm to the table.

    I like that Joss doesn’t keep doing the same show over and over. They’re all different with different dynamics among the characters.

  • EmilyM

    I’m gonna have to go with the buffy/angel combo. That world was the best. Anything was possible. Those characters will stay with me for life.

  • brent

    firefly: dont forget book! he got killed on the planet he was very important element to firefly also who else is gonna shoot you in the knees!

  • brent

    “”Buffy is more than just a show. It has developed a cult status. It has wound its way into our culture, the way we speak, they way we act. Nothing can beat Whedon’s masterpiece””

    firefly only had one season and it acomplished all this,, imagine if firefly had 7 seasons.

  • zara

    Firefly, I just love that show so much!

  • Kayti

    Cheryl you said, “Have you ever cared more about a core group of characters in your life?”
    That’s how I felt about Buffy.

    Until I saw Firefly. The crew of Serenity imprinted itself on my heart easily. I went through all the stages of grief when I saw Wash die. No other show has been able to draw that type of strong emotion and loyalty.
    Even though I enjoy watching Firefly, it is now bitter-sweet, since I know that those characters are gone and I won’t see them again, except in comic book form.
    So obviously I voted for Firefly.

  • conkerlegs

    I agree that Buffy is more than a show. It is a part of the zeitgeist of the 90′s. Until Dollhouse hit the screens, I was sure that Firefly was the best show in the history of television. While there is plenty of banter and witty dialogue in other Whedon shows, Dollhouse is an evolution somewhat. It has no comfort, no crutch. The rich philosophy and layers of subtext, fine blend of plot and story driven arks equal any of Whedon’s previous efforts. Firefly is artistic in the sets, lighting and angles. Excellent one shots. Buffy and Angel both snap, great dialogue, sometimes silly (Espenson) sometimes suggestive, (Noxon and Fury) always excellent. Dollhouse is perhaps the most thrilling and consistently shocking. Whedon has learned and developed so much. There are elements of each show in Dollhouse without being formulaic. to disagree with some of you, we don’t need anything more than the subtle humour it possesses. It has scope to be masterful as Firefly did and was. I voted Dollhouse because it is packed in more tightly than Firefly. While I love the characters on the other shows, the gaps left by Whedon in Dollhouse, have engaged me more and I trust Joss to weave the pieces as only he can (without ever getting Lost). Big thanks to Joss. Dollhouse is more than we deserve.

  • WhishesForFishes

    This is like asking God what his favorite book in the Bible is. It’s just so difficult.

  • Maggie

    Buffy. It’s complete. It’s complex. It repays a million rewatches like no other show I’ve ever seen.

    Angel is also complete and also complex. Hits some great dramatic moments, and repays rewatches — but not a million of them and not as well as Buffy pays them off.

    Both Firefly and Dollhouse are incomplete and it’s just not fair to judge. Firefly arguably had a better first season than either Buffy or Angel — so it’s a particular tragedy that we never got to see that whole story. Dollhouse is not as entertaining as any of the other shows, but it is tremendously thought-provoking and its picking up steam. So its cancellation will count as another tragedy.

    Here’s hoping that some cable network figures out how to give Joss space to tell a complete story if and when he ventures out into TV again.

  • Olivia

    Buffy is cute, but Firefly is pure gold.

  • Anton


  • buffyrat

    The talent of the writers and actors who worked on BtVS totally captured me. The depth of character development was extremely satisfying.

    I was completely fascinated by this show and have watched each episode many times. I think BtVS will be a “once in a generation” phenomenon.

    I know it had to end, and I thought the very end was absolutely great—SMG’s little smile was the perfect last shot. But I miss BtVS a little every day.

  • http://don'thaveone Carl Manning

    Buffy is the true tour de force for Joss although l am a big fan of anything that Joss creates

  • Nic

    As things are currently, my vote is for Buffy with Dollhouse as a close second. Dollhouse has enormous potential (like Firefly did), but apparently its renewal is a long shot. So based on where everything is at currently, I vote Buffy.

  • Patrick Green

    The obvious answer here is Buffy! I am going to say Angel, with 110 episodes aired, is second. Firefly third and Dollhouse fourth. Dollhouse should be renewed. Fox brass messed with Joss’s creative vision. This caused episodes 1-5 to be uneven and confusing. Eps 6-11 have rocked! I am looking forward to EP 12 on May 8th and 13 to air at some point. If not, EP 13 is going on the DVD release on July 28th. Please tweet @Foxbroadcasting and request they renew Dollhouse!!!

  • Patrick Green

    My twitter address is Sorry for the bad link!

  • Hpets

    1. Firefly
    2. Buffy and Angel
    4. Dollhouse

    Firefly… Honestly, need I comment? Here’s a show that practically anyone can watch and love, regardless of genre preference. And it’s so very very unique!

    There’s no way I can choose between Angel and Buffy (Buffy probably has more awesome moments than Angel, but Angel has such fantastic character arcs!), so they tie for me.

    And Dollhouse… I’m sorry, but it has flaws. (Watch the first episode of Firefly, Buffy, Angel. Then watch the first episode of Dollhouse… It’s not bad, but it just doesn’t stack up.)

  • Hpets

    Holy criminies, I only just noticed… Where is Dr. Horrible?

  • Tex Arcana

    Firefly hands down.
    Buffy, and the other stuff is fine, and all; but pales in comparison.
    Firefly as a character study alone is far superior.

  • Chris

    I love them all in different ways, but it just has to be Buffy! It wouldnt be fair t compare shows like Dollhouse and Firefly to Buffy – because Buffy went on longer, and Buffy in my eyes is alot more than just a show! It also had so many different genres and styles, a first of it’s kind including musicals, silent episodes, drama, funny and even action! It’s the show that had it all!

    Buffy’s the first, and I think Buffy is still the best! Buffy will go down in history and I think it’s only fair to say that Buffy is Legendary and I think Whedon has alot to live up to with regards to Buffy – even down to it’s character development.

    I do agree, Angel does go untoticed compared with the two and it’s still a great show, but without Buffy Angel would have never existed.

  • Chris

    Also in regards to Character development, I think No other show in this world compares to the development the characters go through in seven years! So Genuis! not even firefly compares, sorry! it just doesn’t!

  • Jo

    Firefly. Had me laughing all the time but the stories were decently. It’s rediculous that we didn’t get anymore.

  • hjermsted

    It’s so hard to choose!!

    All four of these programs have knocked my socks off on more than one occasion.

  • History

    Having been introduced to Joss Whedon (at least knowingly) via Firefly, I’ve since back-tracked and viewed his earlier television works of Buffy and Angel. And I have not missed an episode of Dollhouse (which, unlike Firefly) has been consistent in maintaing its showtime for its 1st season run.

    Bluntly, I’m surprised (but pleased) Buffy made it out of Season One. The horror-comedy-teenage zeitgeist was campy. Fun, but did it never was able (or seemingly tried) to suspend disbelief. Buffy’s world of Sunnydale over the Hellmouth was simply unrealistic and unrelatable–even the show and its characters frequently engaged in self-parody.

    Comparatively, Firefly is the equivalent of a historical documentary. Space is real (no sound in space), the challenges are real (need for money, work, even simple air [Out of Gas] to survive). And need for people to watch your back. People in Firefly who have troubles and real threats. These are people who face real pain, torture, heartache, death, and may die–and when they die, they do not come back. There is no spell and no magic that can save them; there is only hard work and sometimes luck.
    I believe one can relate to the characters and ‘verse of Firefly more than any other Whedon show, including Dollhouse.

    In this, Dollhouse comes in second, especially last week’s episode [Briar Rose], easily the best of the season. Comparing both short runs of Firefly and Dollhouse, Firefly wins out as being consistently better episode to episode. However, perhaps like Buffy Season 1, Dollhouse is struggling to break free and achieve its potential. However, as already suggested, I don’t see Dollhouse continuing more than a year before exhausting its themes or engaging in repetition. It simply does not contain the potential that the whole ‘verse of Firefly offered to storytellers.

    That is why, Firefly was Joss Whedon’s greatest show, the one I lament the most, and the one I hope he one day has the opportunity to return–with more than a few comics every other year. I’d love a Serenity mini-series; even a Joss-penned novel or two.

  • tzorko

    Firefly. It is and always will be my pick of best show ever. It was my first intro to Joss Whedon and because of it, I checked out Buffy and Angel. I love them both also and Dollhouse has great potential. All had a great cast but I fell in love with the group dynamic on Firefly and it hurts that it will never come back. Keep Flying :)

  • Mat

    I think judging these shows by their entire run is unfair. If you asked which was the best show based on the FIRST season well then its a toss up between Firefly and Dollhouse with Angel a close second. Buffy was almost completely unwatchable the first season.

  • jedivet

    Firefly. The best television ever made. Period.

  • Tony

    Living in ireland i have yet to experience DollHouse but for me i would have to go with Angel.
    Buffy dragged out in latter seasons but at its peak was as been commented by others beyond compare. Firefly as brilliant as it was, was too brief to really judge and so remains a potential unrealised. it never suffered season lulls cast members leaving stale writing obscure fillers plot holes etc. like all rock stars it is best to die young before overstaying your welcome and firefly had that gift/curse.
    Angel as a spinoff had to work hard to distance its self from buffy as a series in its own right and is argueably the more consistent show of the two.
    So my decision is based on how i felt when each show ended. Buffy i felt was long overdue, season 5 always felt like its natural end. firefly never had the chance to consume my love and attention, but with angel i always felt it was too soon. there was more stories to tell, more fights to fight and perhaps more puppets. but like the majority here i am privileged to have witnessed fantasy television which was witty exciting sexy intelligent and culturally relivant

  • Anne

    Look, choosing Whedon’s Greatest Show is a moot point. It’s too hard to choose when you think of the factors.

    First, to the general public, Buffy will always be The Whedon Show as it was his first to air with multiple seasons. Its first season was a satirical look at horror movies, where the blond girl finally fights back, but then evolved into a serious/comedic/thoughtful look at good vs. evil in high school and life that shows featuring whiny brats in rich zip codes or creeks could never accomplish. Its spin-off, Angel, was good for a while, but its fan base and success was largely due to the groundwork laid by its predecessor.

    Second, Firefly had a TON of potential, but was hacked to pieces by FOX and had a hard time recouping from its seemingly uneven episodes. Apparently TV networks can’t figure out how to track modern TV audiences (I mean who the frak watches all that reality crap!?) It had such rich characters that you knew and loved but still didn’t quite know (Shepherd, anyone!?!) and realistic plot lines about the struggle against an overpowering establishment. Maybe it was just timing: if it ran during this recession I’m sure many more people would relate to the show’s depiction of daily survival, searching for jobs, and the importance of having a supportive family to keep you going.

    Third, Dollhouse had a weak opening which made it harder for all but Whedon/Eliza fans to keep holding on to the point where the episodes really picked up and moved the plot and characters forward. I’ve been enthralled by these past few episodes and now really, REALLY hope against hope that they will give Dollhouse another chance to prove itself. Look what happened when they did it for Buffy after season 1.

    To wrap up, Whedon shows need to be on FX or SyFy or another cable network so his shows get a REAL 22+ episode season, aired in the correct order. I love his shows for different reasons, but I refuse to compare a series that lasted 5 or 7 seasons to those that barely got a half-order.

  • Davis

    I voted for Buffy.I love Angel and Dollhouse but the Buffy characters were the ones I was most invested in.That’s my first love followed by Angel.

    I really dig Dollhouse and hope it gets a full 22 episode second season to really develope.

    I never could get into Firefly.I watched it as aired.Watched it again on DVD in the correct order and saw Serenity but just can’t get into it.I think it’s just I’m not into westerns which Firefly basically was.

  • niz

    Firefly never had a chance to show it was the best. It was killed in the middle of it’s first season. If it had 7 seasons like Buffy who knows if it would’ve been better. I guess we’ll never truly know. That is unless we dissect Joss’ brain.

  • Stephanie

    Firefly is the best show. All of the characters (even the villains) were so fully developed, not angsty, that you instantly loved or hated them (or sometimes both). The details were rich, the plots were intricate, and the story arcs were compelling. The episodes get better with every rewatching because you get so much more of what was being explored.

  • Malthuvis

    Buffy is adolescent fluff. But, that is the prime TV demographic.
    Fifrely was thinking TV – perhaps an oxymoron, definitely a more difficult segment for marketing, which made potential advertisers uneasy.

  • Fearnow

    I watched Buffy for the whole run, Ditto Angel.

    but neither of them made me as sad as Fifrefly when they ended. Firefly was what TV needed, and now it is gone.

    IMO, there still hasn’t been a show as good as Firefly.

  • Donna

    Just found “Firefly”, can not believe that this show did not make it past one season. It is great. Such a mixture of everything to make a wonderful show. There is no way that the studios did their part to promot this program, because if they had it would have been a big hit and not axed after one season. Such a waste and a lost to all of us fans.

  • David S

    I think Buffy really deserves to win this.

    Firefly COULD have been the best, but in all seriousness it never got the chance. It was nothing short of amazing what they did with as few episodes as they had… but there were only 14 of them. It doesn’t come close to matching the development and the number of individually awesome episodes that Buffy had in its 144 episode run. If Firefly had run for 7 years, it might have exceeded Buffy by quite a bit, but it didn’t – that’s the tragedy of Firefly.

    Buffy on the other hand definitely had its ups and downs, but it remained good for 7 years, and its peaks were incredible. Seasons 2 and 3 of Buffy were among the best television ever created.

  • Tom Lewis

    It’s hysterical listening to people weep about Firefly’s cancellation. So Joss watched Blake’s 7 in the late seventies and decided when he was a big boy to rip that and every space-western that had come in the 70s, 80s, and 90s with a cast that apart from Baldwin weren’t very interesting and were in a number of instances, copies of other chars done better than other writers. Big whoop.

    Oh, the show got cancelled because it didn’t make the network any money. That’s was they’re in business to do, make money, not support ‘artists” massive egos.

    Angel by default. Only show of the four I really enjoyed. I enjoy Dollhouse because of Eliza, but other than that….

  • Andrew

    It’s a tough question. Dollhouse has had some wonderful, jaw-dropping moments and has been a spectacular show. Firefly was full of breat characters and stories and a rich mythos and so original. Buffy ran so much longer than either of them, so by pure volume I think it has an advantage. Episode for episode, though, Firefly is the best show. I still hold out hope for Dollhouse, though, particularly if we can get a second season.

  • Hadley

    Firefly, hands down. I have enjoyed all of Joss’ shows, but honestly, the one I watch over and over again and always long for more of is Firefly.

  • Jenna

    It’s a very tough choice between Buffy and Firefly. They were so compelling and both deserve to be recognized as the best show of all time. Still, I think my vote has to go with Buffy.

    I think that has a lot to do with the core characters…while I did love the crew of Serenity with all of my heart, I was never quite as close to them as the main characters on Buffy. As pathetic as it sounds, I felt like I actually knew them, and when an important character died, it felt kind of like I’d lost a friend. Maybe if Firefly had more time to develop, I would have grown equally attached to the characters, but then again, there’s also a chance that it could have gone way downhill (whereas Buffy kept a fairly consistent level of quality after the incredibly weak first season, even though it certainly had its highs and lows). I guess we’ll never know.

    Another big thing is that I’m just more of a fan of Buffy’s fantasy aspect. I liked the superheroic side of it and how the universe didn’t really have any set limits.

  • Chris McQuillan

    So much for being definitive.

    Buffy and Firefly are now both on 44%, but with Buffy just leading in real votes.

  • Jill

    It is SO hard to decide which is the best Joss show, but I’ve kinda summed up what I think (I could go on for five pages or more).

    Buffy is my favorite because it came at a time when I needed a show like that. I was in high school myself and the show was such as eye opener about so many things. It’s just iconic, hilarious, genious, and you gotta love the musical and Hush! And of course Jane Espenson and Drew Goddard for Conversations with Dead People. Brilliant!

    Firefly is so cool and so different. You can’t even begin to explain why it is SO cool. Funny as anything I have ever seen, scary and thrilling (Reapers!), and brilliant. If you haven’t, listen to the commentaries, and you will definitely understand why the show is so good. I watch it over and over, and the episodes are still as funny as the first day I watched them.

    Angel is amazing. I didn’t really understand why it was so great at first, but I love the contrast between Angel and Buffy. The creators have said Buffy is centered on individuals, whereas Angel is centered on people. When you watch the shows together, you really see it. The puppet episode is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!

    Dollhouse is interesting and different and I love that it is not formulaic. I get so deep into the show… it just pulls you in (as Joss is so good at doing). Joss was reluctant to do a new show (Eliza Dushku interview), but I think it was worth it. The show is different from his kinda-norm, so I bet it is such a challenge, and that’s why it rocks! During Briar Rose, I was sitting at the end of my bed right in front of the TV. I really hope it’s renewed, at least for another season.

    So, I went on longer than I meant to, but, hello passionate! Joss Whedon can do no wrong in my books. And of course, he has had amazing help from people like Jane, Drew, Marti Noxon, David Fury, and so on. They never get enough credit for the awesome work they put into the shows too.

  • Harry

    I know it’s cliche to say a show saved my life but Firefly truly helped me get through some of the toughest times I’ve ever had. The writing and characters were so strong you couldn’t help but feel like they were friends and family. Each person represented a piece of ourselves which made it so easy to relate to them. I’ve watched the series several times and still come away with feelings of joy, regret, awe and love. Few things in this world would make me happier than to relight “Serenity”. And Joss, if you ever read this… Objects in space was brilliant. If the series had continued with this kind of storytelling the world would be a different place.

  • d

    Buffy definitely! That show shaped my life and made me who I am today.. I love it!!

  • Vicky

    Angel is the greatest show of all. Even better than Buffy in my opinion. I never understood Firefly and I don’t know why people like it so much, it was just ok for me.

  • Frances

    Firefly is great. It would be wonderful if it was brought back to our screens.

  • Larissa

    I don’t really know which of his AWESOME shows I like best. It’d probably be Buffy, because it got the chance to really develop with a 7 year run. But I know that if Firefly had gotten a real chance, it would have probably beaten Buffy hands down. I loved the concept. I loved the cast… and I loved the stories. I just wish we could have seen more of them, ( I really wanna know what was up with Book’s past… sigh) before it was axed. So yeah… I voted firefly. :D

  • meh

    My vote went to Buffy. It has so many moments that were epic wins (‘I owe you pain’,’I’m Buffy, the vampire slayer. And you are?’)moments that were so sad (‘The hardest thing in this world is to live in it’, ‘Close your eyes’, moments that I loved how they were done but hated what was happening on the screen in front of me(‘Your shirt…’).

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that, well, yeah. Buffy is the best.

    On a side note, does anyone mind if I use some of their posts for an English project on Joss Whedon?

  • Stargate Atlantis

    Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • David

    Joss Whedon is a turd sandwich. I will never watch anything he does ever again. He rips off other writers then tries to be cool by referencing the fact that he ripping them off in a tongue and cheek way.

    The only show he ever did that was good was Firefly. I cannot stand any of his other shows, and after last nights contrived crappy episode I have a real hatred for the man.

    I hope he is banished from network television forever and never gets to do another film again. He belongs on the internet making crappy musical webisodes. I hate you Joss Whedon.

  • contentgrrl

    Firefly. It’s an ensemble, and even the ship is a cast member you immediately love. I loved every scarce episode.

    Buffy had great moments, no doubt. It made me cry at the end of seasons 5 and 7. It made me sing in Season 6. I’m still a Spuffy shipper.

    But we are indeed missing Dr. Horrible, and even Roseanne, but I’d even give a vote for Toy Story for being steeped in the Journey of the Hero.

    Yes, I’m also a Joseph Campbell fan.

  • Morgan

    Firefly, hands down. Firefly ranks among the greatest one-hit wonders. As goofy as it got, my mom and I loved it. The whole “space cowboy” vibe was awesome; who other than Whedon has put cows in space? I loved the fact that it’s not a scifi show filled with all sorts of aliens; everyone was human (another thing only Whedon’s done). It’s a history I could actually see happening.

    Buffy and Angel were pure fantasy, and somewhat ridiculous, and while Dollhouse is still new, its potential is fairly limited. Firefly literally had the universe before it.

  • Hannah

    1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    2. Firefly
    3. Angel

    Buffy will always be his greatest show.

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  • Tim

    It seems Firefly has a larger internet fanbase than Buffy these days. Was not always the case.

    I have to say Buffy – funny, smart, compelling, and with depth to boot. Complex themes, disguised by a relatively simple premise. The ultimate case for the saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ – or, in this case, don’t judge a series by its title.

    Still, I do think it’s amazing how real the characters on FIrefly became in just 14 episodes. It’s a testament to the genius that is Whedon.

  • Truth

    Buffy. It saved my life, in a way.

    Firefly’s ‘Objects in Space’ was brilliant. One of the best episodes of any Joss Whedon show.

  • Liz

    Buffy is, and will always be my favorite Joss Whedon show. I love the characters like if they were my family. I also love Angel.

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    I have to say Buffy – funny, smart, compelling, and with depth to boot.
    Complex themes, disguised by a relatively simple premise. The ultimate
    case for the saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ – or, in this
    case, don’t judge a series by its title.
    thanks for share!