What Is The Best Sci-Fi TV Series Ever?

It’s 2012, and before the world ends, it’s time to settle the matter once and for all.  Which sci-fi series is the best ever?

Can Adama’s determined stares and frowns beat Captain Sisko‘s?  Will Kevin Sorbo’s Dylan Hunt mean more to you than Nathan Fillion’s Malcolm Reynolds?  Or will SG-1′s Sam Carter triumph over Katee Sackhoff’s Starbuck?  It’s time to decide.

We’ve lined up our favourite choices below.

You only have one vote.  Use it wisely…

What is the ultimate Sci-Fi television show?

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Have we missed a classic?  Let us know in the comment section and we’ll add it for you!

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  • Chris McQuillan

    Who put Stargate: Atlantis? I mean, seriously?

  • Dave

    Blake’s 7

  • David

    Twilight Zone

  • chris

    Where is twin peaks? That’s my vote

  • Andi Hamilton

    The three suggestions have been added to the poll guys

  • Juan Carlos Grijalva Jr.

    It was a tough choice between Doctor Who and Firefly, but Doctor Who won. GERONIMOOOOOOOOO!

    • Andi Hamilton


  • chrisdvanne

    Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles is part of a huge sci-fi franchise and the show itself has a cult following, not only in the USA.
    Did i mention that Summer Glau plays in it?

    • Andi Hamilton

      It’s been added… it was a great show too, disappointed it was cancelled!

  • VJM

    Outer Limits
    Max Headroom

  • Dark Reality

    Eureka should be there. I won’t vote for it, but it should be there. It’s sci-fi comedy, much like Doctor Who and Stargate SG-1.

  • Cameron

    You missed the X-files, how could you! It trumps any of these shows easily.

    • Andi Hamilton

      The X Files is there…

  • Dardo

    Seriously, no Star Wars?

    • VerdugoS3

      Star Wars isn’t a TV series.

  • Darryl Mott Jr.

    Red Dwarf
    Twilight Zone
    Outer Limits

  • Kent Pitman

    You omitted Max Headroom.

  • Gerald Sunkin

    The Prisoner pls.

  • jason

    L.E.X.X. is too sci fi for this poll

  • Lotus

    Just some quick ones that come to mind, which were all popular during their times, are:

    Aeon Flux
    Lost in Space
    Mystery Science Theatre 3000
    Space 1999
    Max Headroom
    The Hulk
    Quantom Leap
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    The Jetsons
    Mork and Mindy

  • emdx

    What? No UFO???

  • G

    Really? 13 episodes makes it the best series ever?!?! Have you even watch any of the others? Frankly, there are at least a half dozen that are better than Firefly.

  • Jean

    Space 1999 …

  • Agent Lizzie

    The X Files ever!

  • JJillain

    Where are Space:1999 and Quark? Seriously, if you’re going to include every single Stargate show, and Kyle XY, you need to add Space:1999 and Quark.

  • onesidedsquare

    BattleStar is not propper scifi, its fantasy in a futurist setting.

  • Neru

    That list needs some MST3K!

  • Brucker

    Not necessarily the best, but some that have not been mentioned that may be missed by many:
    Alien Nation
    Amazing Stories
    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
    Dead Zone
    Knight Rider
    The Lone Gunmen
    My Favorite Martian
    The Pretender
    Seven Days
    The Six Million Dollar Man
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    3rd Rock from the Sun
    Warehouse 13

  • Smitty


  • Snakey

    X-FILES. The best then. The best now.
    That. Is. All. Earthlings.

  • Heather Rauschenberger

    You missed Alien Nation!

    • Chris McQuillan

      I’ll add it for you now.

  • Stormageddon dark lord of all

    we already know it’s dr who lol

  • Savage.1

    Why has Alien nation got 4% and 0 votes? When Stargate universe has got 0% and 42 votes?

    • Chris McQuillan

      I think the software just reallocates the remaining percentages to the lowest, to make everything add up to 100%.

  • kevin

    quantum leap