Everyone loves a bit of cosplay, don’t they? For those who have never heard of the term, cosplay (or costume play) is really a kind of performance art – fans make replica costumes of favourite characters and role-play as them for the day.  It’s quite a fun and inventive area of fandom, with some people creating some truly astonishing and creative costumes. This is part one in my cosplay series – best comic cosplays.

An excellent Death from Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ comic series – it takes real dedication to wear body paint all day!

The use of a background to give the impression of flight makes this image a cut above other Rogue cosplays.

This Scarecrow cosplayer looks as good as the real thing!

How many of us think that the Robin costume looks, well, a bit naff?  Too many memories of Burt Ward in tights? This guy manages to make the costume look realistic and practical.

This Ms Marvel cosplayer made all parts of her costume, apart from the boots. I can imagine it must be hard finding domino masks!

The use of an outside setting for this Poison Ivy cosplay make the costume and character feel more realistic and grounded. The model and designer of the costume has her own site, featuring many original cosplays, including steampunk Lara Croft and female Two-Face.

Come back next week when I’ll be featuring the very cosplays of comic book movies, featuring Jokers and Lokis and Captain Americas – oh my!