In honour of Andi’s decision to brand himself with a Tardis, we’ve decided to take a look at the best sci-fi tattoos out there.

In ascending order…

5. The Tardis/Dalek

It would be a little harsh to list the best tattoos without this, given Andi’s decision, but these really are a nice set of inks – especially with the corresponding Dalek to match!

4. Spiderman

This would have taken a lot of time and a lot of pain, but what better way to express your devotion to Spiderman!?

3. The DHD inside a Stargate

If you like Stargate chevrons and symbols, well you’re probably the person who got this.  It is beautifully drawn together, but I think it would be best as a larger sleeve or tattoo work rather than on its own.  Still, this is impressive. Oh, and it’s on the back of a turtle.  Maybe this guy’s a Discworld aficionado to boot…

2. Firefly

Okay, I have a soft spot for anything Firefly related, but this simple, small and meaningful tattoo is really nicely drawn and inked, and it’s one of those things you probably wouldn’t end up regretting.  Unlike, perhaps, flying turtle’s Stargate metropolis above.

1. Predator

Not what I’d choose to get tattooed, but this is a very, very well drawn and inked tattoo.   If you want to scare people in any situation where you have to change clothes for the rest of your life, this is the tattoo for you!