As my look into the creative and curious world of cosplay continues, this week we’ll be looking into the world of gaming. Gaming is a particularly hard area to cosplay in; unlike films or comics, gaming heroes don’t have to really have a basis in human physiology and can be intensely unhuman. How best to portray in real life what pixels have brought to life?

Why not cosplay as GLaDOS? Like the best villains, she’s memorable, distinctive and gets all the best lines. Oh, right, the whole computer machine thing… as this cosplayer shows, a good GLaDOS cosplay is very achievable, getting across the key aspects of the character, while making her human form look reminiscent of classic comic supervillainesses .

Yes, no look at gaming and cosplay could overlook a certain Miss Croft. The character’s, ahem, natural attributes make her a difficult character to pull off convincing, but the naturalistic surroundings and lighting in this shot make this Lara Croft look entirely realistic.

Another game that presents possible problems for potential cosplayers… nevertheless Assassin’s Creed has a very healthy and creative cosplay scene.

Legend of Zelda cosplays are always really popular and Link is a great character for men or women to have a go at. In fact, the best Link cosplayers (like this one) are often women. Who wouldn’t want to be a character who gets to save the kingdom?

The quality of the photo isn’t that great but… wow. Just wow. This guy made this entire Diablo costume himself and… wow.

American McGee’s Alice is a cult favourite game, an excellent example of a psychological thriller. I want to describe this as a fun costume, but I think it’d be the wrong word to use… I wouldn’t want to cross this Alice!

Ah yes, I did promise Final Fantasy cosplay. It does offer a challenge for the creative cosplayer, as the designs for the games are often incredibly outlandish and impractical. There are a lot of really good Final Fantasy cosplays, and this is one of the best; using a whole group to portray a wide variety of popular characters successfully.

Next week, I’ll be looking at cosplays for sci-fi TV shows. I’ll try to limit myself to just one picture for each of my favourite shows, so you don’t get spammed with twenty images of weeping angel costumes!