Sci-fi, or science fiction, is not a big fish in French cinema. Although the country produced some critically acclaimed science fiction films such as Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville and Bertrand Tavernier’s Death Watch, most of the films shown on the French silver screen are dramas and art films. However, Paris became one of the preferred sets for some science fiction films, especially the ones that delve into cyberpunk. In a future as gritty as the cyberpunk version of Paris, the streets will be filled with popular noir elements like smoke coming out of manholes; mendicants and junkies occupying dark alleys, and constant sirens blaring out of futuristic Lamborghini-esque police cars. In a typical sci-fi scene, a dimly-lit bar will be the stop of our beloved antiheroes for information and the outlet of violent tendencies. But before a fight ensues, a poker match first will be initiated by the best card player in the house, challenging the antihero to a battle of wits and patience. But who among the famous sci-fi characters will emerge victorious from a poker match without resorting to violence or cheating? In no particular order, these are the characters that are sure to win the game of cards.

1. Spock, Star Trek
Spock is a logical thinker unlike most of his Vulcan brethren due to him being a hybrid of humans and Vulcans. Aside from thinking from a logical perspective, Spock is also guided by his human emotions despite having an expressionless face. Though be wary of him, the game is most likely probably over when he looks at his cards and says “fascinating.” But if you want the same thrill of being up against THE Spock, you should play games at and enjoy fast-paced adrenaline-kicking poker anytime, anywhere.

2. Master Chief, Halo
Halo is one of the most celebrated video games in France; it even has its own e-sports tournament in the country. Trained to become the greatest hero in the Halo universe, John 117 is not your average determinator. He is fast, strong, smart and most important of all, deadly in all ways possible. Master Chief probably doesn’t understand the word ‘tact’. Hell, he might even put his life on the line just to get the Dead Man’s Hand.

3. The Doctor, Dr. Who
Aside from being the most successful and longest running sci-fi television show in the entire television history, it also became a hit in other countries such as Germany and France. Depending on who among the eleven incarnations of the famous renegade Time Lord people are going to fight, The Doctor can be as easy to read as an open book or as hard to crack as an overcooked crème brûlée. Though he acts like a true gentleman, don’t ever think about cheating on him because he will result to violence if he has to.

4. The Terminator, Terminator Series
Whether you fight against the extremely scary T-800 {The Terminator} or the protective guardian Cyberdyne Systems 101 (Terminator 2), there is no way to win against Terminators. Apart from being able to process information quickly, they do not have facial reactions that are used by poker masters to read your cards. And if you are about to face the former, I suggest that you just run away from the match, unless you can lure him to a hydraulic press and crush him there; just make sure you don’t leave the hand.
Since the French are not fond of making their own science fiction movies, maybe this is the right time to begin one, especially with their passionate drive to make cinematic masterpieces.