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The Road(s) Not Taken

Have you ever sat down and watched your favourite science fiction drama or fantasy televisions series, and gotten so caught up in the narrative, that you actually find yourself loving these characters? I think it’s a reasonably accurate statement to say that those who invest in scifi do so wholeheartedly; they attach themselves emotionally with […]

Review: Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan

The Angels Take Manhattan In Brief: Detective Noir? Check. Pond Farewell? Check. Emotional? Very much check. In Depth: Beware: spoilers within. At the close of David Tennant’s last episode of nuWho, the trailer for series 5 promised us that “The end is only the beginning” and before long we had Eleven, Amelia Pond, Rory Williams, […]

Review: Doctor Who – Power of Three

The Power of Three In Brief: Shades of oldWho, RTDWho, and nuNewWho! In Depth: I think, maybe, Steven Moffat and Chris Chibnall snuck in a part one, at least thematically, to the midseries finale goodbye to the Ponds… See nuWho can’t just pick up and companion and drop them off all hidy hi and hody […]

Review: Doctor Who – A Town Called Mercy

A Town Called Mercy In Brief: The Doctor. A Doctor. Two sides. One coin. In Depth: The latest Who offering promised a Wild West adventure… and we most certainly got it! It’s probably best to say that, whilst A Town Called Mercy isn’t quite the beautifully dark Asylum of the Daleks romp, or the madcap […]

Doctor Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Review

In Brief: I actually can’t do better than the episode title… In Depth: A very good episode that jumps straight back into the current set up for the first half of Doctor Who series 7, whereby the Doctor has no regular travelling companion, instead he picks up people along the way for brief trips and […]

Doctor Who – Season 7 – Asylum of the Daleks Review

In Brief: Back… with a bang. In Depth: It’s been a long time coming but Eleven and the Ponds are back, with a few added Daleks. “So how much trouble are we in?” “Out of ten? Eleven!” Any fan of Doctor Who has probably taken the time to watch the short web series “Pond Life” […]

Review: The Dark Knight Rises

  In brief: Smashing! In depth: When Christopher Nolan brought his unique vision of the Dark Knight to the big screen in 2005, he brought us a down to earth, super hero film, that focused more on the how it would really work and why a man would choose to dress in the cape and […]

Doctor Who: November 2009 Special: The Waters of Mars Review

I think I just witnessed a Timelord break down.

I’ll tackle the story beats first.

Perfect Ten arrives on Mars, wanderlust still in full flow and he is, once again, companionless.

It doesn’t take long before he encounters a small group of human colonists living on the planet in regulated facilities and bio-domes. Their reaction is, to put it mildly, suspicious. And the commander of the base, Captain Adelaide Brooke, will not be taken lightly.

Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day 5 Review

  In brief: And that’s why Torchwood is most definitely not like Doctor Who. In depth: I feel numb. That was an emotionally intense hour that alternately gripped, chilled and horrified. It was not filled with action per say and daring do, just the lengths that some people will go to under desperate circumstances. And […]

Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day 4 Review

In brief: Flashback! Government! Offence! Death! In depth: Ok then! Day 4 spends its first 10 minutes picking up on that dangled plot thread and sort of answering the question as to why Jack handed over 12 children in 1965. I was particularly fond of the “…we need a man who doesn’t care…” exchange. This […]