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First Doctor Who Series 8 Photo

The BBC has released the first picture of Peter Capaldi from Series 8 of Doctor Who. Capaldi, notably in Matt Smith’s costume (presumably so as not to spoil the new costume just yet…) is pictured with Jenna Coleman. The pair are currently filming the first two episodes of the new series in Cardiff, Wales.  

What If Money Was No Object?

I don’t normally share things like this, since they can be perceived as kind of gimmicky, and it’s certainly not sci-fi. However, I think it appeals to that sense of hope and aspiration that is at the heart of so much science-fiction. And perhaps, with those January Blues creeping in, it’ll give a little boost.

Movie Screams

I got an e-mail from the creator of Movie Screams, which purports to be the world’s first online horror and sci fi film theatre, and who are now screening sci-fi and horror videos, with uploads every week that showcase work by video artist, filmmakers, animators, actors, screenwriters and horror fans around the globe. Now, the quality of […]

3 Sci-Fi Ships Perfect for Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve!  To celebrate the holiday season, we take a look at the three sci-fi ships most suited to live in during the festive season! 1. Deep Space Nine (ST: DS9) Okay, so it might not be a ship, but where better to spend your Christmas!  Imagine the Promenade lined up with decorations, festive shops […]

Retro Review: Far Beyond The Stars

Original Airdate: February 11, 1998. I’ve recently had the time to enjoy some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reruns on SyFy here in the UK.  At present, they’re working their way through Season Six, probably my favourite season of any of the Star Trek shows. Today, I noticed that Far Beyond The Stars was on.  I quickly announced that my housemate’s […]