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What If Money Was No Object?

I don’t normally share things like this, since they can be perceived as kind of gimmicky, and it’s certainly not sci-fi.

However, I think it appeals to that sense of hope and aspiration that is at the heart of so much science-fiction.

And perhaps, with those January Blues creeping in, it’ll give a little boost.


Sir Patrick Moore Dies

Renowned British astronomer Sir Patrick Moore has died at the age of 89.

According to his friends and colleagues in a statement, he “passed away peacefully at 12:25 BST this afternoon” at his home in Selsey, West Sussex.

The broadcaster presented The Sky At Night for over 50 years, in the process becoming the longest-running host of the same television show in history.

His work and research was instrumental in both the American and Russian space programs.


The TARDIS tattoo

I got it done. :D

I was surprised at how little it hurt, everyone said it would hurt a lot more than it actually did… maybe I’m just a hard lad or maybe I got accustomed to the pain from all the homemade Jackass style videos we did as kids – who knows, but it only felt that it was like someone scratching me a lot.


I love it! A big thanks to Andy McKeary at Ink Unleashed in Coleraine.


Today is the day…

That I get my TARDIS tattoo… I’m excited!

So I decided on the minimalistic TARDIS one like the image below, I’m getting the tattoo artist to make a few small changes like getting “Police Public Call Box” put in where it should be.

I’ll update you all later with a few pics after I get it done.



Matt Damon: “Why play by the rules?”

Matt Damon, appearing in the upcoming sci-fi film Elysium, has finished filming a story about the ultra-rich leaving a dying Earth, to inhabit an orbiting platform, free of poverty and disease.

In today’s recession-hit world, we don’t have the luxury of that choice, and Damon has been more than happy to share his opinions on the political and economic climate.

Speaking at Comic-Con in San Diego, Damon remarked, “That sense of unfair — the sense that we don’t have a country anymore when people don’t feel like they have a chance, like it’s going to be fair. If people feel like the deck is stacked against them, then they stop playing by the rules. Because why play by the rules? The game is fixed, right?”

He also spoke of the upcoming Presidential Election in the US, saying, ““I’d be shocked if (Mitt) Romney won. You know, I think Obama is the clear choice. But I’ve said before I’m really disappointed in him, and I am, particularly because of the banking stuff. He so misread that.”

Further quotes are available here.

Damon narrated the Oscar-winning Storyville: Inside Job in 2011, a documentary focussing on the causes and consequences of the 2008 Financial Crash.


Bale visits shooting victims

The Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale – who plays Batman – has dropped in on some of the victims of the tragic shootings in Colorado last week.

According to Warner Bros, the visit was entirely Bale’s choice.  He was not acting on their behalf, and indeed, Bale personally contacted the hospital and asked to visit, and specifically requested the media not be notified.

Aurora Medical Center’s President Bill Voloch said, “The patients were really happy to meet Bale. They are obviously big fans of his movies.  It was good for the patients. We hope it was therapeutic for them, and all the staff really appreciated him coming.”

The Batman actor spent over two and a half hours at the Aurora medical facility.

Introducing: American deep-fried Coca-Cola

Yep, you read that right. Texans have invented the fastest way of growing obese known to mankind: deep fried Coca Cola.

According to, “The calorific treat involves deep-frying Coca-Cola flavoured batter, before drizzling it with Coke fountain syrup. Add whipped cream, cinnamon and a cherry and there you have it – the most effective artery-clogging system the world has ever seen.”

We despair.