BioWare Test High-Population Star Wars Servers

BioWare have begun rolling out and testing their new high-population server technology for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  

The move comes ahead of an imminent switchover to free-to-play, a decision that will most likely lead to massively increased numbers of players.

In an effort to avoid any server overload, the developer have begun testing new server technology in order to massively increase the current users on the servers.

According to, “BioWare has opened a new server in its public test area and copied every single character from East Coast servers over to it.”

The server is available for use, and you can download the PTS and log-in as normal.


Black Mesa: Source release imminent

One of the very first games I owned was Half Life, this game along with the Command and Conquer series got me hooked on gaming. I have been following the long awaited Half Life 2 mod Black Mesa from 2005 and has it’s development schedule has been a very much you’ll get it when it’s done cycle.

This weekend the website has been updated with a countdown clock pointing to a release date of September the 14th.

There has been no new trailers released for the free mod, so I’ll embed the 3 year old one just so you can look.


I’m looking forward to getting to play through the Half Life story again with much better graphics.

Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313

The Star Wars franchise has seen many video game installments, another installment was announced at E3 this year, called Star Wars 1313. This new installment looks a lot darker and grittier than any other game that I have seen coming out of the Star Wars Franchise. The game itself will be set between the third and fourth episodes of the Star Wars films.

From the gameplay trailer at E3 and this newly released trailer the graphics on this game are set to be mind blowing.