Azati Prime Finale

In this week’s Clip of the Week, have a think back to Star Trek: Enterprise – namely the final scenes of Season Three’s Azati Prime.

Actually, don’t.  Just give it a watch.  One of my favourite Trek cliff-hangers.  Considering how the season had progressed relatively easily for the show’s so-called darkest season, Azati Prime gave us the Enterprise receiving a seriously heavy tonking off the Xindi fleet, ending up drifting helplessly in space with a drug-riddled T’Pol in command.


No More Trek! Ad

I remember this airing (terrifyingly, that’s eleven years ago now) but this was a pretty funny commercial launched in the run up to Enterprise.  The words Star Trek would later be dropped from the title, ironically. (Yes, I know they were re-instated during the third season…)

Just one of those amusing commercials worth remembering.


Earth Final Conflict Final Scene

In this week’s Clip of the Week, we bring you the best scene from Season Five of the show (which, to be honest, was a pretty catastrophic disaster overall).  It also happens to be the last scene.  This isn’t one of those, “it’s brilliant because it’s over” things, because it is a genuinely good minute or two featuring Renee, Liam, Ra’jel and Yulyn.

Enjoy.  Pity the rest of the season didn’t live up to the great potential.


Clip of the week – Jeff Wayne: War of the Worlds

Mars has been a popular topic this past week, so I thought an appropriate clip of the week would be the soundtrack to War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne. It is embedded below, get listening!

The chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one, he said (ahh, ahh)
The chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one, but still, they come…