The Interview

The Interview – Post Apocalyptic Comedy

The Interview, a short film by Michelle Steffes is here to bring a little comedy the typical post apocalyptic tale of woe.  The concept is simple: What happens when the second to last man on Earth needs a job?

Beautifully shot and wonderfully acted, this short film is sure to entertain.  The Interview is available on iTunes, and you can like them on Facebook.  It’s short, it’s sweet, and it packs a comedic punch.  Check it out.



The Gift

It seems that sci-fi shorts are all the rage these days.  Here’s another especially impressive one, The Gift, set in Russia with some very strong Half Life 2-vibes.

Set in Russia, the Gift features a great chase sequence and is beautifully filmed with some cracking CGI.

Watch it below (warning: it contains some gore):

The Gift from BLR_VFX on Vimeo.


Back To The Whoture

I came across this humourous clip on the internet earlier today, it takes the length of the clip to get to where it is actually going, but it is worth the watch to the end… made me laugh.




This is just mind-bending.

Kevin Margo’s stylish and trippy sci-fi short film is winning all sorts of accolades at the moment.  It’s beautifully presented, and equally as frustrating as you try and get your head around the meaning – if there even is one definitive truth behind it.

[quote]One astronaut’s journey through space and life ends on a hostile exosolar planet. Grounded is a metaphorical account of the experience, inviting unique interpretation and reflection by the viewer. Themes of aging, inheritance, paternal approval, cyclic trajectories, and behaviors passed on through generations are explored against an ethereal backdrop.[/quote]

Watch this.

Grounded from Kevin Margo on Vimeo.