Who is the best Firefly character?

Which member of the Serenity crew can you simply not get enough of?  Who is – definitively – the best Firefly character?

It’s not gonna be easy, but you can only pick one…

Who is the best Firefly character?

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Joss Whedon on board for Avengers 2 and a Marvel TV show

The man behind many a great film and TV series that we all love here at Sci-Fi Heaven (just check out the best sci-fi tv series poll) Joss Whedon has been drafted on by Marvel to direct the sequel to this years most successful superhero flick – The Avengers. Marvel obviously loved what Joss did with the first film and confirmed in a statement:

Joss Whedon has signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Studios for film and television through the end of June 2015. As part of that deal, Whedon will write and direct Marvel’s The Avengers 2 as well as help develop a new live-action series for Marvel Television at ABC. He will also contribute creatively to the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe.

It’s great to see that Joss Whedon is getting some of the biggest director roles in the business right now, he definitely deserves it, although I hope that all this work won’t take him away from the long awaited and much anticipated sequel to Dr Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog.

Avengers Movie

Avengers TV show being discussed

According to Nellie Andreeva over at, preliminary discussions are underway with regards to bringing Marvel’s Avengers to the television screen.

The talks seem to be at an embryonic stage – or as Andreeva puts it, “a kernal of an idea” – and it seems that nothing is certain.

The only aspect that is ‘probable’ is that it will be set in the Avengers universe.  There’s no guarantee any of the characters from Joss Whedon’s blockbuster would even feature, and the show could be a complete spin-off set within the realm of the comic series, perhaps a “high concept” police show.

According to Deadline:

Establishing a primetime foothold has been a priority for Disney-owned Marvel. The company has developed several projects for ABC Studios over the last couple of years, one of which, a Hulk series, is still in the works. Search is under way for a new writer to pen the project.

I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.

Glee with Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris

This may be old news to a lot of you, but I found out this wonderful piece of news today. As much as it pains Chris for me to say that I enjoy watching Glee, I am sure this news is going to pain him even more as I know of his deep love for Joss and his hatred for Glee.

Joss Whedon is directing an upcoming episode of Glee and with him, he is bringing none other than the Legen…. wait for…. dary Neil Patrick Harris to guest star in the episode which is set to air during the month of May. More details on the storyline for said episode can be found here.

I can’t wait to watch that episode!

Joss Wants You! at Comic-Con

Joss Whedon of Buffy, Firefly, and Dollhouse fame is teaming up with documentarist Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) for the San Diego Comic-Con International, and they want your help!

The two directors want to follow “a still-to-be-cast group of convention-going superfans” for three months leading up to this year’s Comic-Con, as well as at the event.  They are looking for all types of people for this documentary about the mecca of geek culture.

No word yet on how to apply for this opportunity of a geek’s lifetime, but we’ll keep our Watchers on the lookout.

Source: E! Online


Poll: Joss Whedon’s Greatest Show


After last night’s rather wonderful episode of Dollhouse, I think it’s fair to say that Joss Whedon’s latest creation is quickly beginning to find its feet and hit its stride.  Let’s just hope that it’s not too late in the big bad world of television execs.

However, has Dollhouse reached the heights of Whedon’s previous, much-adored shows?

Only you can decide, so vote below and decide definitively which is his greatest creation to date.

Make it definitive: which is the greatest Joss Whedon show?

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And if you feel like your opinions just can’t be summed up in a simple vote, feel free to discuss it by leaving a comment.

Joss Whedon discusses Dollhouse survival

imageMy hero and Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon has shed some light over the future of the show.

Talking to Sci-Fi Wire, he said:

They haven’t said anything about a number, and they haven’t said anything about a date. What they have said is “We get it. We get that the numbers are soft, but it’s not a Nielsen world. The DVR numbers are good, and the show’s getting better, and the demographic is good, and we all have a crush on [star and producer] Eliza [Dushku].” So they’re basically fans.

Obviously, there has to be a number we reach that is viable for them economically, or it would be senseless for them, unless they were insane fans like me. But they get it. They get the show, and they get what works. So they’re anxious for it to stay at a level where they can justify throwing down some more. Hopefully that’ll happen.

FOX certainly seem to be showing some support for this project, so it is perhaps unfair to call  it Firefly 2.0 just yet.  Having said that, FOX can only show real support through an actual renewal.  Which would be welcome.

With the supposedly imminent demise of Terminator, and its replacement with Prison Break, FOX executives are hoping that the latter’s audience will give Dollhouse a much-needed boost.  However, Joss and the team are realistic about the creative and demographic differences between Dollhouse and Prison Break.

No. I mean, Terminator did very poorly. I don’t know why. I love it. That’s why I’m not on that side of the fence, because I’m not a marketer. I don’t know how these things work. It started strong, and it fell off for some reason. I liked it as a lead-in because, artistically, they were just a nice match. They both had a similar sensibility, and I think Terminator was a really interesting show that really plumbed the depths of its premise really well. So I was happy to be with it.

But the fact is it was doing poorly, and we were doing better, but not great. I think, ultimately, nobody blames us. We did build on Terminator and usually on our own half hours most nights. It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Don’t get us wrong, things are still very, very iffy in the world of popularly-maligned Whedon shows.  Let us all hope that Dollhouse somehow breaks the curse.

Dollhouse: Flop or Trojan Horse, waiting to strike?

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Joss Whedon to ‘leave television forever’?

image Sci-Fi Slice have claimed that ‘once “Dollhouse” is over, Joss Whedon is leaving TV for good…to pursue creating on-line content along the lines of “Dr. Horrible.”’.

Now, there claim has not been sourced, but let’s assume for the moment that it is true:  genre television would surely have lost one of its finest writers, and if ever there was to be a tragedy written about the demise of one of television’s talents at the hands of the executives, surely Joss’s battles with FOX would be right up there.

Those unfamiliar with Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog should check its Wikipedia entry for further details, as it does strike me as the sort of thing Joss would be interested in moving towards.  Now that he has his fan following, does he really need the pencil-pushing network television executives telling him how to edit his content?  No goram way.

Then again, Sci-Fi Slice might not have a source, and might have just made it up.  In which case, disregard this post.

Joss Whedon: a victim of...

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