Sixteenth Birthday

Sci-Fi Heaven celebrates its 16th Birthday this month.

The site first went online in 1997, before moving to its current domain thirteen years ago in 2000.


To celebrate, we have a few nice updates coming before the end of the year.


15 Years of Sci-Fi Heaven

It was in September 1997 that the first incarnation of Sci-Fi Heaven stumbled onto the internet.  Containing a list of Starfleet ships, a guestbook and some forums, the site grew and grew.

There have been ups and downs, but we’re still fighting strong and better than ever!  And so, 2013 is the fifteenth anniversary of Sci-Fi Heaven.

As Russell Watson crooned, it’s been a long road, but we’re planning some special celebrations for September…

P.S. Yes, we are older than Google…

P.P.S. Here’s the earliest decent archive image of Sci-Fi Heaven, taken in early 2001.



3 Sci-Fi Sites You Must Follow

Everyone knows all about IGN, Gizmodo etc.

But there are other sites out there that post great content every day, and are well worth your time following.

1. Geekologie

If you like your sci-fi to amuse you, take a look at Geekologie.  They get some great reader tip-offs, and some of their content is the first place on the web you’ll find it.

2. Den of Geek

Okay, so these guys are pretty popular already.

But their content is interest, well-written, bang up to date and their website’s theme is one of the nicest around.  It makes for a great overall reading experience.

3. Geeks of Doom

Another site I”m a real fan of, although it’s probably not quite as nice as Den of Geek.

They have some great content, and it’s very easy to access it.  A great way to stay bang up to date with all things geek.

And of course there’s us.  But you already knew that.


Forums Launched

We haven’t had a forum system for about seven or eight years, but we’ve decided that the time is right to add the capability again.  Quite a few people over the last few months have asked why we don’t have one, and whilst they’re becoming less common, it seems that there is still some demand.

You can find our system by clicking the Discuss button on the main menu above.

If you want to use them, you need to have an account, so simply head to the sidebar and find the Register button.  If you already have an account, just log-in as normal.

Happy foruming!


What next for Sci-Fi Heaven?

In planning the development of Sci-Fi Heaven, we thought it would be a good idea to ask the most important people: the users!

If you’re reading this, you’ve wound up at Sci-Fi Heaven, by accident or by design.  If you’re a frequent visitor – great!  If not, what would bring you back?

The best sites grow with their users demands (take note, Facebook!), and so we’ve asked you in our poll.  Please feel free to elaborate in further detail in comments.

You can pick up to three answers.

What would you like to see more of on Sci-Fi Heaven?

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Please let us know, and help us grow!


We’re Looking For New Writers

Fancy yourself a bit of a Sci-Fi Guru?  Do you spend your life on Reddit, finding new and intriguing bits of sci-fi news and gossip?

Maybe you just like science?  Perhaps you’re just a dab hand at gadgets and gizmos.

Whatever your poison, we’re interested.  We’re looking to expand and take on some new freelance writers.  The position is – at present – unpaid, although if enough content gets put online, and our revenue increases by enough, then this may well be revised.

Most importantly, you’d be joining a small, quirky and very pleasant team who love to chat and discuss sci-fi.  If you’ve got a spare few hours in the day that you want to fill, it’s ideal.  It also doesn’t look too bad on the CV (not a joke!)

If you’re interested, drop us an e-mail at to discuss further.


Server Upgrade Complete

Thank you for your patience over the last 48 hours.

We are now back up and running, with some higher quality hardware behind the website.  This should prevent future slowdowns during periods of exceptionally large traffic.

The transition wasn’t as smooth as we might have liked, but it’s all done now.


Site Downtime

 Apologies for the recent site downtime.

This was due to a technical error at our hosts who were migrating servers.  At some point during this process, several database user permissions were lost.

These have  now been repaired, and the site is fully functional once again.