• Mike

    I like the way it segues into the full orchestra towards the end, giving it a suitably epic feel.
    Hopefully someone who’s a dab-hand with audio software will be able to take this and knock up a full-length version of the theme…


    This rocks. I’ve spent ages looking for this and i finally have it. My recordings sounded rubbish. I like the way they have brought back the old middle bit that sounds like Feed the World. Im working on a full version of the theme using it. Thank you!!!!

  • Philip

    Wow. This arrangement by Gold is completely OTT.

    It’s just a bit too busy for my liking: you wouldn’t want to hear it every time over the end credits (keep it for the Christmas specials). Did they use (essentially) the Eccleston version for the opening credits of TCI?

    @ TORCHWOOD : ‘Feed the World’ never sounded like this!


    The full version i did ended up rubbish but u might like this….



    PS. please tell me wot u think.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/timelordsofgallifrey/index.htm TimeLord

    Believe me, No Doctor Who theme could sound bad. I like it. ^^ o.O It’d get you all excited… Maybe it could be a dance mix! lol.

  • russell

    i’m looking for the complete TV theme song, not remixes and stuff,
    and torchwood, your remix wasn’t bad but i thought it was slow and boring becasue it didn’t have the second more triumphant theme half way through

  • Torchwood

    Im working on sharpening it a bit, lowering the bass volume slightly and getting that brass section perfect on the end. should be done soon. also im getting an official site up soon with a few doctor who mixes but mostly just random other music i composed.
    ps. thanx for the good comments and advice.

  • http://ambientcreation.t83.net/ Torchwood

    My website is up but it has only just been made and it hasnt really got much (OK, anything!) on it yet so give me a bit of time and it will get better.

  • Jambo

    Has anyone got the start theme?
    Even though it’s very similar to Eccleston’s theme, it’s better and I would like it.

  • Uncle Mikey

    Part of me wishes they really had just stuck with the Derbyshire original. That’s what was originally planned (and anyone who has seen the leaked version of “Rose” has seen the opening sequence done that way), and since I really don’t think it’s ever been surpassed, I think it might have been nice to start from that and then maybe embellish it later.

    That said, so far, I’ve enjoyed Mr Gold’s compositions of the theme — far better than any since the Howell (Baker/Davison) version — not least because you can continue to here the eerie electronic tones of the Derbyshire version above the orchestra, even in this latest version.

    I’m glad Gold relented on the whole idea of dropping the middle eight. I certainly saw where he was coming from as far as the similarity to “Feed the World” (I remember thinking that way back when the latter song came out!), but I still think it’s an important part of the tune. The main theme establishes the darker, mysterious side, but the middle-eight is bright and uplifting, which is also a facet of the programme. This version certainly brings that aspect out in spades, and so, I’m satisfied.


  • Torchwood

    Thank you Uncle Mikey for understanding what I meant when I said it sounds like Feed the world. It sounded most like it in the 7th doctor era. Also, just to say that the site (Ambientcreation) I made is down so dont try to go on it.

  • Torchwood

    I have finished the final version (unless there is any more crucial siggestions) of my David Tennant ending theme mix. I have now added the tampini leading up to the middle eight and the trumpets and brass half way through the middle eight. It is also slightly faster.

    Download At: http://rapidshare.de/files/13040452/tennant1.mp3.html

    Hope you like it!!!

  • http://www.scifiheaven.net Chris McQuillan

    Stunning remix Torchwood!

  • Torchwood

    Thank you so much. :-). To be honest, all of the other remixes I made were not that good so I never got a completely positive remark before.
    Also, do you think I should remix a shorter, opening theme version of this mix?

  • Torchwood

    Possible 2006 intro theme? I just shortened the xmas invasion end theme i did but it still has the middle eight.

    Download At: http://rapidshare.de/files/13179198/David_tennant_2006_start_theme.mp3.html

  • Velvet Frock Coat

    I can’t get the theme to download from the free rapidshare. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Torchwood

    Hi Velvet Frock Coat,
    No your not doing anything wrong, all you have to do is scroll down untill you see the 2 buttons “Premium” and “Free” then click “Free.” It will then give you a download ticket and you have to wait about 20 seconds (there is a timer if you scroll down a little) before you can download it. Then it will ask you to enter the 3 characters shown and to also select a mirror, click the
    “Download tennant1.mp3 from Net-Mirror “Omega”:” button, enter the characters, and click download.

    If that doesnt work just say and I will investigate further. I know its a bit confusing but after you use rapidshare enough it gets easy. Hope you like it! :-)

  • http://www.closedcaskets.com/ Dach

    Thank you so much for that. It’s my new ringtone!

  • Torchwood

    Wow. My mix as a ringtone…..cool!

  • Superkid11

    Fantastic remixes! Man I could listen to them all the time…

  • congerking

    I have it as my ringtone as well. Thanks a bunch !!

  • http://www.houseofdance.net/ DJ Hazard

    Thank you very much guys & girls for the download. I have been looking everywhere for this modern Doctor Who 2005/2006 theme tune. I could not belive it was so had to track down. Anyways, thanks a bunch, I have also converted it to .3gp & added it to my D600E for an alarm tune to remind me just before the season 2 episodes start, lol.

  • http://coolboynaj.piczo.com xitened

    please please please (continues writing please 100000000000 times) can you send me in my email all the theme songs. i am a really big fan and want the theme tune.

  • Gary Belfast

    I tried to download this after playing it cos it sounded fantastic. Has disappeared on my crap computer. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    The orchestra At the end of it is the worst bit. I really liked the one from the ninth series best

  • http://...umsomething No #1 fan DW

    I luc it torch wood well done maybe u could show me how to do it some time aye…
    Thanks for it i was looking all over and coun find a theme tune
    that will do fine
    Urs faithfully
    Someone called Glen

  • Langaleer

    Heres the beginning and ending mixed together to make 1 full song, let me know what you think:


  • Lance

    Thanks so much for that Langaleer, been looking everywhere for a complete 2006 version with the new end credits bit, now i have it! Thanks again

  • helen

    torch wood ur mix is my realtone on my moto c975 ty soooooo much

  • kenny

    Brilliant. Thanks.

  • http://dunno the doctor

    can u get a downloadable theme tune that was used in christopher eccleston’s era and now david tennants. i dont mean that ending tune in the xmas invasion.if anyone has it, plz could they send it to my hotmail msn plz???

  • http://dunno the doctor
  • http://dunno the doctor

    im desperate 4 it!!!!!!!!!

  • Prydonian

    I’m confused… are these mixes the original version, or have they been somehow created? Not that they’re not brilliant either way… I’m just searching desperately for a “clean” version of the new ending theme, and I’d love to believe that I’ve found it! When you say it’s slightly faster, though, Torchwood, that leads me to believe that it’s your own version… right?

    Two other thoughts:
    1.) How the heck do you set an MP3 as a ringtone?! I didn’t know you could do that! I wanna!

    2.) I hate that whole Feed the World comparison, passionately. I’m not criticizing any here for it or anything, it just bugs the hell out of me in general. Here we’ve got this beautiful strain of music, and Gold can’t resist comparing it to a pop song that came along much, much later. Okay, they sound slightly similar, we get it. Hearing that has actually damaged my ability to enjoy the theme. I used to get chills every single time I heard that bit, and now all I can think of is freaking Feed the World. ARGH!

    Me, I think of it as the “hero” portion of the song… like someone said, to contrast with the darkness of the other part, this part represents hope and victory through our heroes. That’s always been my feeling.

  • doctor boy

    maybe someone could send me the full theme. i cant get the themes from rapidshare cause it says there out of date or something so if someone could send me the theme it would be much appreciated. lukeholbrook11@hotmail.com
    my email dress

  • ood u think

    thnx so much i have been trying to get the theme tune for a power point and it is nowhere to be found but here. ps am i the youngest one here i am 12

  • pasta brain

    Thanks Langaleer

  • pasta brain

    Ps. I am also 7

  • Tardiskid

    Thank you sci-fi heavean. I have spent 3 hours trying to find the latest doctor who theme tune for download. You are my savours. Please can you do one next time with out the bit that says whats happening next week. I’m going to have to edit that bit out now and it’s gonna sound a bit wierd but it’s better than nothing. Thanks again!

  • Jamie

    I would be most abliged if someone could send me a handful of Doctor who soundtracks
    many thanks jamie

  • Jamie

    I would be most abliged if someone could send me a handful of Doctor who soundtracks
    many thanks jamie e-mail jamie_edge@hotmail.co.uk

  • adam

    Desperately seeking Tennant intro and credit music (and orchestral if poss) for presentation. Rapidshare website pants, no such luck. Please can you email if you have 3 mins?
    Many thanx, Adam


  • HainesY^

    i have tried to download Torchwoods theme song. i wait the 20 seconds click the link thing and then i just says that its failed is this something to do with using mozilla firefox or has the link expired or something any help would be gr8 i love the new theme tune and love listening to peoples remixes

  • a true doctor who wizz

    finally, a decent download of the doctor who theme tune. i have been looking for this for ages. its a shame about the ‘bullets can’t stop it’ bit in the middle, but aside from this, i think it’s fab.

  • Some guy

    10 minutes spent looking for the Dr. Who theme thanks to you guys. Wonderful job, this thread has saved me a load of time. Excellent job to the mixers/recorders who did this. Simply Class A work.

  • http://www.supermarionationforever.co.uk Lady Katija

    Thanks Torchwood! I’m setting that as my ringtone, just as soon as I get this stupid bluetooth thing working…

  • Julian Wjo
  • Vortex Spinner

    Hey bravo!!! Finally got the theme tune!!! Geez, stupid websites dont even have it apart from dis one! XD Thanks!

  • Ian

    hey, can anybody help me?? I am trying to find the the music when the Doctor and Rose are seperated in the last episode “Doomsday” I have searched everywhere, and am trying to download the whole version..but with no luck. theres a loop of it on thee BBC Doctor Who website…can anybody please help????

  • http://what? Dr.Zoidberg

    I KNOW that the Daleks come back, and the Cybermen I’m sure all you geeks know that but still that’s amazing.
    They must come from a parallel universe or something.
    Check out the BBC website on Doctor Who I think that explains it.

  • george

    its on the doctor who website

  • Matt

    Yeh Ian, im trying to get that song when they get separated, it would really help if we knew the name and artist. Any Ideas?

  • DW lover

    have u guys heard the origonal Doctor Who theme? i found it was quite funny
    it can be found at http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/classic/clips/first.shtml, click on the button that says “First Doctor Who Title Sequince”

  • Marc

    Music near end of Doomsday is a Murray Gold original. The BBC Doctor Who website states that Murray Gold is going to release a Soundtrack CD. No date set yet. Hopefully the Doctor/Rose theme at the end of Doomsday will be included.

  • http://777777777887to7f8offt7u79 the human dr.who(jacob charnick)

    i think doctor who is the wikedest tv sci-fi show ever! i like doctor who more than anybody else i just scream with joy when the credits come onit must have taken ages with more speshal effects than star wars! i love doctor who i have never missed an episode i alredy unscarabled the bad wolf mystry evan before it was shown and torch wood is doctor who if u mix up the letters im looking foward to seeing the run-away-bride it look strangly strange becuse its not like a real doctor who episode i loved torch wood and my scarest episode was the empty child and the doctor dances ther all some of my top scares im still scared of it know well you can admit it is prety freky pepole walkin arond wiv gas masks insted of nomal human faces because the gas mask is real flesh and bone and the famos ‘mummy are you my mummy’ and i will be rady for more scares in the new seres wiv matha jones the new assistant but dont expect to see her in the christmas episode reders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Susan Foreman

    Where on the DW site can you find the Doomsday tune?

    I wanna listen!!

  • Ian

    Hey Matt, yeah the Song is called Doomsday, a murray gold original. I have managed to get a copy of the loop version of it so if you wouls like a copy ( Susan Forman you can have one too) please E mail me at Yanness84@hotmail.com and i will be happy to send you a copy of the loop. if that doesnt work then i will disclose to you where you can get it.(which may be hard getttin as i spent ages tryin to get it! Lemmie know if you do. Ta Very Much

  • http://thelastgallifreyianthemindrobber.com THE Doctour

    This version is the best!!! I’ve been searching for 4 months for it although it’s not the full version, it’s still the greatest song in the world!!!

  • http://thelastgallifreyianthemindrobber.com THE Doctour

    All these remixes are great!! I’ve even got them for my phone(it’s dimenionally trancendental, so it has a lot of space!)

  • http://thelastgallifreyianthemindrobber.com THE Doctour


  • http://thelastgallifreyianthemindrobber.com THE Master

    I prefer Ecclston’s

  • finland

    Hi! Do you know any place in internet, where i can find a doctor who the song for free? Thanks..

  • finland

    Oops.. I mean Doctor Who´s Theme song for free.. sorry.. but anyway.. thanks..

  • http://timelordthemindrobber.com The Doctour

    Hello It’s me again.
    I found another Who End Theme, but the whole theme this time at http://www.ewanspence.com/blog/2005/12/29/tardis-crash-a-doctor-who-middle-eight-mash-up/